Uncork & Unwind, LLC

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Wine Club

How the Wine Club Works:

Members are invited to Uncork & Unwind on the first consecutive Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of the odd months (Jan, March, May, July, Sept & Nov) during regular business hours to participate in a blind taste test of 5 wines. 

The two wines you choose are the two wines you will receive.  If you are unable to attend the blind tasting, the top two wines selected by the Wine Club members will be the wines selected for you. 

Wines will available for pick up the Friday the week following the blind tasting.   



    Red Wine Club - $45 - bi-monthly + tax

    Six Month Membership: $270.00 + tax


Wine Club Benefits:

    Wine Discounts:

        - 15% by the case (full or mixed)

        - 10% 1 to 11 bottles on any bottle purchased.

        - Free bi-monthly blind taste testing of 5 wines.


    Event Discounts:

        - Reduced price for wine tasting events.

        - Exclusive Events for Wine Club Members

        - First invite & reduced price for special events